Date: 26th August 2018 at 8:13pm
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You know when Sevconia is flapping, because the blame-game starts.

Often they point the finger in the direction of people inside their own club; I guess they can’t stomach turning on Gerrard this early. Instead, and following today’s game, they want to point the finger at the SFA instead.

Their logic is astounding; they claim that Hartley, who scored the equalising goal, would never have been there to do it if he’d been banned from playing the match.

The point, of course, is that he did some mouthing before the game about an injury sustained to Candelas last season. The SFA was getting ready to cite him for the remarks too, but I can only presume that Motherwell threatened to bring the house down if they did.

Sevco fans wanted that action taken.

They are furious tonight because it wasn’t, and because the player popped up with the last ditch goal.

Ask St Mirren fans how they feel about Morelos playing (and scoring) against them a couple of weeks ago … they’d rather you didn’t.

What balls these Peepul have to get up in arms about this.

Their own club never ceases slagging other people and inflaming situations. Gerrard himself has done it since taking the job, when he invoked the old “anti-Rangers conspiracy” nonsense after the Aberdeen game and the deserved sending off of the neddish Morelos.

(Which of course was over-turned.)

King mouths off so regularly that the SFA disciplinary committee would have a file the size of a phone book on him if they had punished him for his offences.

Last week, a couple of SPL players decided that they would use Twitter to mock Celtic’s exit from the Champions League. That it cost their own clubs money doesn’t appear to have entered their tiny minds. You could make a case that this brought Scottish football into disrepute; Sevco fans cheered on every word from them, from Logan in particular.

That their supporters have the brass neck to complain here …

It would be astounding if you didn’t know they have previous for such double standards.