Date: 8th August 2018 at 7:14pm
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BBC Scotland has said tonight that Brendan Rodgers’ comments yesterday have upset people in the Celtic boardroom. My only answer to that is, hard lines. The manager would never have spoken out the way he has unless he feels people have been dragging their feet, and it’s clear to everyone who is watching this transfer window dispassionately that they have.

Our net spend in this window is zero.

We’ve brought in one player.

We’ve sold Sviatchenko and Armstrong, and their fees cover the cost of the Edouard deal with money to spare.

The manager is being offered a Man City loanee who they just signed from the Australian league and Emilio Izaguerre. Neither of these are “his” players. On no account has the board done its bit and backed Brendan Rodgers.

The BBC has briefed on the McGinn situation, outlining a scenario that I have good reason to believe is a fictitious one. They have been fed their lines from inside the Celtic boardroom, so what was a bad situation is even worse than we thought it was.

The manager is speaking out about the signing policies and the board is now using the BBC to brief against the manager.

I thought this article could wait until tomorrow; clearly it won’t.

They are unhappy that the manager has gone public; most Celtic fans are unhappy that he had to. If this comes to a fight about who the majority of our supporters would back then I would suggest that it’s one that Brendan Rodgers will win every day of the week.

I strongly advise them not to find out.

We have a big problem here, and it’s not going to be easy to sort it out.