The Celtic Park Summit Might Be Just What’s Needed To Put Things Right.

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Phil has posted today, and he has echoed what this site has said about the mainstream media; just because something they write isn’t to our liking that does not mean that it is not true. There is an issue at Celtic Park and that issue has to be resolved or the club is going to go backwards.

None of us wants this to be so, but that doesn’t change it.

What might change it is if Phil is correct about a summit at Celtic Park; nothing would be more beneficial. And let’s face it, there’s a lot to discuss, including what the club is going to do about Dedryck Boyata, whose career here is almost certainly done.

The manager and the board need to be on the same page with that one; get shot of him and move on.

But the real issue is whether or not the club and the manager can come back together again and start moving forward on the ambition front. The club feels stuck in the mud right now and that’s what needs to change.

Signings need to be brought in, the manager needs to feel appreciated … but the board and its position also needs to be shown the appropriate respect.

It is not good for anyone when people inside a club are at cross-purposes like this.

Clear the air talks are not only a good idea, they are essential if things are to return to normal. It’s also good to know that Dermot Desmond is furious at the goings on – he is a man who would not tolerate this sort of internal chaos in any of his other organisations.

There is a perception amongst a lot of supports that this board – and Peter Lawwell in particular – are somehow in cahoots with our rivals, and wants to see them challenging is. This is arrant nonsense, as should hardly need to be pointed out.

I know there are people on the Celtic board who loathe and despise Sevco, and would happily officiate at their liquidation party. One of the things that helped me sleep at night this week was knowing that nobody at our club is deliberately sabotaging it. That means they all want what’s best for it.

And that means a clear-the-air meeting is all to the good.

It means that the club can approach the next week with a fresh sense of purpose, and approach the coming week in the right frame of mind. This might be the point this whole situation turns on … and the moment we grab the challenges in front of us by the scruff of the neck.

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