Tomorrow Danny Bhoy Will Unfurl Our Seventh Title Flag. No-One Will Stop Us Making It Eight.

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Celtic is all set to unfurl the flag on Saturday against Livingston. It will be for the seventh successive season, and we have chosen Hoops Legend Danny McGrain to do the honours. It is a very apt choice, and it will be an honour for a man who has given everything to this club over the course of his long, illustrious Celtic career.

Danny himself will be well aware of the pressures which come with being a Celtic player and this season the pressures and expectations will be higher than ever, with our side having completed the double treble in the last campaign.

The fans will expect more glory as will Brendan Rodgers.

All the talk is about the pursuit of “Ten in a row” and the possibility of a “Treble -Treble”. Given the magnitude of the task, you wonder how the players will cope. I think they will do fine. Although it will take a massive effort, it is not unsurmountable.

This team has the ability to get it done.

Celtic made history by lifting the Treble twice in a row and doing it for the third time would be something truly special. No other club would be able to match it, the record would stand the test of time. I can’t remember having it as good as a Celtic fan.

We will almost certainly win the league; it is hard to imagine who can stop us. But there is ever the worry that someone can and may well put a spanner in the works in one of the cups.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that if we win the it would be our 50th title. We could then put five stars above the Celtic crest …

Nah, we’ll stick with the one big star.

A true, legitimate, honour won on the pitch.

If we get to nine trophies in a row, would this magnificent feat eclipse our previous nine titles? I think so. The Lisbon Lions achievements in 66/67 will likely never be bettered but for those of who just missed out this would overtake any other achievements out-with the Lisbon triumph.

There’s an assumption by most that Celtic will win the again this season and at extremely short odds, it’s hard not think this way. Sevco fans will of course, argue otherwise. There’s been a lot of hype and hyperbole from and they look as if they may well have improved. The proof of the pudding will be in the league though, and 38 games later, in May 2019, we’ll know.

But Celtic will do their talking on the pitch.

I think the telling differences between the two sides, not discounting Hibs, Heart and will be firepower. Celtic has it in abundance. Not only can Edouard, Dembele and Griffiths find the net, the likes of Ntcham, Forrest, McGregor and Rogic will too, regularly.

I’m looking forward to the likes of Arzani (if he signs) and Morgan playing too. I can’t see Christie and Allan being at the club this season though.

Should we get McGinn from Hibs, there will be some added bite to the midfield. He’s certainly a tenacious player who could easily slot in. He will, however, need to prove his worth.

The big advantage is that this team has played together for the best part of three years now. They know each other’s games well. Steven Gerrard’s team still has to knit together and he keeps on adding to it, or he’s trying to.

I still think that man for man in each position Celtic are vastly better. There might be a split decision between Gordon and McGregor between the sticks.

A big part for Celtic’s quest for glory will be their European adventures.

Should they qualify for the Champions’ League Group Stages they would have navigated through eight ties. Over the course of the season it certainly takes its toll on the players and last season despite the successes, injuries were a complete nightmare. could again be as pivotal as it was the last two seasons.

Celtic needs to add defensively and everyone and their granny have raised this point. It’s getting wearisome waiting. We need a settled defence badly. Domestically we can cope but in Europe’s premier club competition our frailties here have certainly told these last few years. And it could well cost Celtic dearly if they fail to reach the Champions League proper.

Yet whilst we bemoan the lack of signings what we have should certainly keep a stranglehold in Scotland. I’m excited by the prospect of a more dynamic side this season. Last season you could see the tiredness creep in. Captain Scott Brown managed a break as did others and Edouard looks like he’s right in the mood for punishing teams in this campaign.

Some think the arrival of Steven Gerrard at has given focus to the league race again. The supposed Master and Apprentice will go toe-to-toe in Scotland and with Hibs, Hearts, and Kilmarnock all vying for better finishes, I’m sure it’s going to be a cracking season.

People are starting to take notice again and for the right reasons.

Even better is that Celtic is on the verge of making more history of course.

Gavin McCann is a Celtic blogger from Glasgow who thinks we’re on the verge of even more history.

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