Celtic Won On Sunday Yet Our Players Have Maintained A Dignified Silence. Why Can’t The Losers?

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Celtic won on Sunday.

I say that because if you read some of what is out there in the media you might not believe it. Ever since the game finished, our players have acted with a poise and a dignity that is, in itself, the mark of champions. Champions learn how to well.

They learn to with good grace.

We’ve certainly had the practice.

Some of our players have talked about how confidence is high in the dressing room. That doesn’t equate to arrogantly boasting about how wonderful the team is. Some of them have said how good it was to get the result. None have said that the gulf is growing between the teams on the park.

We are of winning and losing with decorum.

But not everyone can do this. Our rivals have never done anything with decorum. When they they want the whole world to know it, and remember it, and wallow in the misery of it. When they lose they lash out and look for excuses. There have been plenty of people willing to give them credit for the battering they took. There are plenty willing to feed them nonsense about how they’d have gotten something but for a “bad” refereeing decision.

Now one of their dressing room mouths is talking about how they believe completely in this “going for 55 nonsense” and it would sound ludicrous in any circumstances, but it is particularly absurd when they are seventh in the league having won a single match out of their first four.

Why is it that ego there so readily gets in the way of sanity?

I am glad our players do not do this.

I am glad they prefer to keep quiet and do the job on the park. We have ambitions and we have goals, but none of our squad is looking too far ahead. Brendan has them focussed on the one thing that matters most; the next opponent. The next round of the cup. The next three points. What’s next is what’s directly in front of you.

Anything else sets you up for a fall.

I guess some people must enjoy bouncing off the concrete.

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