Date: 6th September 2018 at 5:54pm
Written by:

Can you believe how much moaning there still is in the media and out of Ibrox over the win at the weekend? What in God’s name is wrong with these Peepul? They were not just beaten, they were well beat. They were slaughtered 1-0. Yet many of them have deluded themselves into believing that the game was close and that a moment of “luck” did it.

That wasn’t luck. For openers, the goal was a brilliant bit of counter-attacking footballing. They had the ball in our half, we won it there and Ntcham ran almost the full length of the pitch to get himself into the right spot for putting the ball in the net.

The goal was class. It was a moment of quality in a game where all the moments of quality came from our side, unless you include the saves made by the Sevco keeper. Our own goalkeeper could have taken the afternoon off and we’d still have been quite comfortable.

What level of delusion does it take to ignore the evidence of your own eyes like this? To convince yourself that a one-sided beating actually came down to a single break of the ball, and a controversial one at that? To conclude that a bad refereeing decision was all that had stood between you and a point, or perhaps even all three?

How absurd are these folk?

They can argue as they like about the gap being closed – it hasn’t been, by the way; there’s no evidence to suggest that and even some which hints at it having widened, as hard as that will be for the fans to swallow – but there is surely no argument about our superiority on the day. That ought to be beyond debate, yet some in the press and almost everyone at Ibrox is singing a song of woe, as though the match was tight and evenly contested.

The winning margin was always going to lend itself to this kind of talk, but what amazes me is that some of these folk actually seem to believe this nonsense. If this had been a boxing match, knockout blow or not, it would have been stopped by the ref.

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