Date: 26th September 2018 at 3:07pm
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When it comes to Kris Boyd, I’m with Bob Dylan when he says, “I used to care, but things have changed.”

Boyd is an idiot depriving a village somewhere of a smarter fool.

Reading him lately is a little bit like listening to a child throwing a tantrum or screaming for attention. How do most people deal with that? If you’re smart at all you do not engage. That sends the very worst possible message and only encourages further bad behaviour.

Today The Daily Record asks if Boyd is “out of control.” The assortment of halfwits and eejits who call the Hotline want him sanctioned by the SFA. For what? Talking crap? If that gets you a disciplinary now the game is more screwed up than I thought it was.

Boyd is not the problem.

Give a lunatic a tin cup and he will rattle on the bars with it.

The people who allow him to peddle his nonsense in the media are the ones we should be worried about.

I include Kilmarnock in that.

Quite why they allow a highly paid player to pursue an alternative career when, as Brendan pointed out, he should be focussed on performing for his club is a mystery. They clearly aren’t suffering for it on the park, so fair play to them, but this is creating trouble for them down the line.

Wait and see.

The latest figures on media readership should scare the Hell out of proprietors, owners and shareholders. We are going to see major titles fold in the next five years and many of those who rushed to give clowns like Boyd columns are going to be amongst them.

When they have swirled down the tubes editors will bemoan the death of the industry, never once examining the role they most certainly played in killing it.

Kris Boyd’s “opinions” are not controversial, they are sophomoric.

He is not outspoken and fearless, he is a moron who doesn’t have the sense to keep his mouth shut and save himself embarrassment.

At a time when journalism needs to be at its very, very finest just to survive in a world where blogs proliferate and take advertising revenue from the mainstream titles, it is contemptuous of the audience that someone like him is paid a salary working in the press.

Those who pay him wages for the inane scribbling he does clearly have no interest in saving their business, far less the rags they work on. It astonishes me that they cannot see the correlation between their own falling numbers and the proliferation of goons like these in their ranks, and especially when there are young, hungry, talented people banging on the door of the profession and who could transform the standards in it.

Boyd represents the “dumbing down” of the business. In fact, he represents the way the dumbing down itself has been dumbed down. Let’s not forget that to get to his level that you have to go through a lot of crud in the first place.

Start at “the top” where people like Cooney and Cameron sit, proving the old adage about how a fish rots from the head down.

Below them are the Provan’s, Jackson’s and the Jack’s and underneath them are the Derek Johnstone’s and Craig Burley’s. There was a time when that would have been the basement level, but Boyd and McCulloch and those like him inhabit a sub-structure underneath even that deplorable shower.

No, Boyd himself isn’t the problem here. Not even close.

We should reserve our contempt for those who genuinely deserve it.

The problem is an entire industry in Scotland which has tailored itself to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which has stopped even trying to have standards, which no longer seems to care about keeping any readership at all.

Scottish journalism is hanging by a thread and that is not down to anything other than the disdain in which it holds its readers.

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