This is the third part of my A-Z of SFA corruption, and this one covers the reign of Stewart Regan, Lord Nimmo Smith, Campbell Ogilvie, George Peat and the McLeish appointment. This is, indeed, a genuine list of The Horribles.

Oh yeah, and on top of that I cover sectarianism as well.

The SFA has given us all serious causes for concern over the past decade or so.

They are perhaps the most scandalised body in all of sport. This A-Z is almost complete; one last instalment will see us tackle the Victim and Survival lies, the casual racism in Scottish football and the courage of one good man who stood on the Hampden steps and told it true.

How can one national association have so much dirt swirling around in it?

Other FA’s don’t get this. Doing an A-Z of their worst mistakes and scandals would be impossible.

This is a depressing list to have had to make up.

I’m glad I’ve just about done with it.