Date: 2nd October 2018 at 6:13pm
Written by:

I am already heart sick of Alex McLeish. Of hearing about him.

Of writing about him.

Of his pitiful existence as Scotland’s “national coach.”

National joke more like. National embarrassment.

His constant snarking and whingeing and headline chasing are tiresome.

I dread international team selections when I have to even think of him at all.

Have you ever seen anything as pitiful as his Leigh Griffiths climb-down?

Have you ever heard a manger sound so weak as he does now, bleating to the press about how our striker wouldn’t take his call? He is lucky Griffiths will even lower himself to playing for him at all; Leigh puts the country above such pettiness. I do not believe McLeish does.

For the record, for those with memory spans like that of the average tabloid hack, McLeish didn’t just drop Griffiths. He made a very public show of it. He tried to embarrass our player in front of the country, via the media. It was crass and offensive, and a spectacular own-goal. There is no question who the best striker available to him is. If he wants to treat the player with such contempt he will have to be willing to reap the consequences of that.

And of course, McLeish has no intention of doing that. This gutless wonder fears those consequences because this is the last high profile job he’ll ever have in the game. He talks big but he’s not in charge of his destiny here and he knows it. Without Celtic, without the support of our club, he’s done for.

He’s a has-been elevated above the station he deserves by an association that couldn’t organise its own piss into the pan without someone drawing them a diagram first. I never believed for one second that he would consider dropping Leigh Griffiths from those matches where it counts. He will fill his squad with our players because they are the best he’s got.

His arrogance is such that he won’t simply say what everyone knows to be true.

Instead, he preens and postures and tries to act tough for the media.

But it’s a front. The last few days have proved it.

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