Sutton’s “Gut Feeling” Comment About Rodgers Is No More Than Kris Boyd Level Attention Seeking.

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This is the first of two articles today on Chris Sutton.

Regular readers know I long since passed the point where I was a particularly big fan of this guy. I like his attitude, his forthrightness, but he too much enjoys being the centre of attention. Today he’s going at it on two fronts, both involving Brendan Rodgers.

Celtic has moved past this nonsense. Our club is getting back to normal after a summer of frustration. In whose interests is it to keep this conversation going? Certainly not ours. It’s who has linked him with every job going, and some which weren’t.

And through it all, Rodgers has reminded them that he has a contract which runs another two seasons past this one, and that he still has a big job to do.

So who is Sutton speaking for when he makes nonsensical such as he has today? What is his agenda? If it isn’t self-promotion then what? It does us no favours at all, and it would be different if he was claiming inside knowledge, but he isn’t even doing that.

He thinks Brendan is unhappy at Celtic.

What’s his proof? “A gut feeling.”

If he’s having gut feelings he should consult a doctor, not spread diarrhoea all over the internet.

Let’s bear in mind where he made this claim; in The Daily Record.

Why are we still pretending that this guy has anything useful to say to us?

Does he not know about “Thugs And Thieves” and an assortment of other scandalous attacks on our club?

He is working for a rag that does not wish us well, and which panders to ignorant people.

And ignorant people were the only ones who read any “facts” or real information in that rag today.

Tell me how his “gut feeling” is a more sophisticated answer than the one Kris Boyd offered when asked how he knows that there are ructions in the Celtic dressing room?

“Ah joost dae,” was his response to that.

The echoes with what Sutton said today surely don’t need pointing out.

And he loves this.

He loves the fact that his ignorant opinion – and I have no problem calling it that; “gut feelings” are not based on a shred of evidence – is now a national news story. He doesn’t care that it opens up this whole closed down discussion at the worst possible time. It is attention seeking twattery at Celtic’s expense, that’s all it is.

This guy has way too many defenders in our support. He’s openly trying to destabilise us.

If it were anybody else it would be getting the condemnation – from every corner of Celtic cyberspace – that it deserves.

Well, I think it’s time he found a different subject to hammer on about. Not only is this tiresome, but he’s starting to sound like the worst kind of idiot. When someone who we know is profoundly pro-Celtic starts to sound like then it might be time to change the record.

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