The BBC Hits Rock Bottom As Tom English Gives Kris Boyd A Platform To Lie About Our Club.

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I just listened to the most extraordinary interview on Radio Scotland; Tom English of the BBC giving the village idiot a megaphone.

Kris Boyd gave them an extended interview in which he lied about Celtic.

English actually asked Kris Boyd questions about the Celtic dressing room and the so-called “splits” in it.

Boyd admitted that he has not spoken to people at Celtic – what he means is that no-one at our club would speak to him – but that he knows what’s going on inside Parkhead and Lennoxtown anyway. He passed off his own opinion, his own ignorant, biased opinion, as fact … and English still allowed him to do it.

“How do you know that?” English asked.

“Ah joost dae,” Boyd replied.

Tom English did no more probing. He did not subject that to analysis far less forensic dissection.

I have an article to write later about the media, but for now I seriously need to vent.

I cannot believe how bad that interview was – and we got only a snapshot of it. After the segment was played the anchor actually told incredulous listeners that Tom English “dreamed about Kris Boyd” the night he did the piece. I bet he did.

For the rest of us, BBC Sports Scotland just jumped that shark.

Everything about that was cringey.

Everything about it was awful.

For this we pay a license fee.

“You have to respect his opinion,” said Willie Miller, as if all opinions were equal, as if all opinions were valid.

Some are just ignorance masquerading as wisdom.

Some don’t even bother with the masquerade.

Boyd said he doesn’t care what people think of him; that’s bad in a journalist because it means he feels no obligation to be honest or behave responsibly.

One of the people they got to weigh in on the interview was co-anchor Lee McCulloch.

Need I say more? Their agenda is now perfectly clear as if there was doubt.

That was BBC Sports Scotland hitting bottom.

Or at least I hope it was.

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