The Huddleboard Celtic Forum Reveals Another Barmy Scheme In Sevconia.

Image for The Huddleboard Celtic Forum Reveals Another Barmy Scheme In Sevconia.

Huddleboard has published an absolutely incredible – and barking – thread from Follow Follow which appears to show their founder and leading goon Mark Dingwall asking his members for money so that he can photocopy and paste their sports pages as screenshots on the forum itself.

Here are a couple of screenshots from Huddleboard thread.

Needless to say, it has Celtic cyberspace convulsed in amusement.

You’d think, reading that, that purpose would be deprive the papers of money and therefore starve them into extinction.

Yet Dingwall has written an article which actually suggests he quite likes four dailies – The Record, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Evening Times – and genuinely wants them to survive their current travails.

Of course, it’s unclear how encouraging people to chip in so he can rip all four of them off helps them with their circulation problems. I do not know how that works and he never bothers to explain it. This is as good an example of Sevco Logic as you’ll ever see.

Dingwall’s complaint about cost of the newspapers and his plea for cash to help him continue publishing the screenshots is the kind of thing you couldn’t possibly invent.

This is something he’s been voluntarily doing for months; now he wants funding for it. He has clearly looked at club itself and the way it continually finds creative ways to leech money off the fans and concluded that those fans are ripe for any using that can be contrived.

I love these guys, I really do. Even on our bad days, they make us look good.

They are absolutely barking mad, absolutely rabid, and these nutty ideas of theirs are a source of constant entertainment and joy.

Mark Dingwall is a particular favourite, and this is going to go down as one of his finest hours.

How sad it must make him that others have climbed so far up greasy Ibrox pole whilst he’s reduced to grubby little schemes like this one.

Congrats to Huddleboard for breaking this one.

It has made my day.

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