The Scotsman’s Latest Bit Of Brendan Bashing Is An Idiotic Piece Of Puerile Click Bait.

Image for The Scotsman’s Latest Bit Of Brendan Bashing Is An Idiotic Piece Of Puerile Click Bait.

Shhhh. Listen. Listen closely. That sound you hear is the barrel being scraped again, this time by The Scotsman, in one of those articles so feeble, so petty, so pointless, so ridiculous, that it doesn’t even carry the name of one of their hacks.

Under the by-line “Group Reporter” is a story so weak that Mr Muscle could arm wrestle it to the floor.

The article is about Brendan Rodgers.

It is the latest in a short, desperate line of them which actually has people analysing our manager’s body language for the slightest sign that he is not fully committed to life at Celtic Park. This one is even more ridiculous than the others though, because it’s focused on video footage of him at Celtic: The Musical.

(An outstanding show, by the way, which was well worth going to. Congratulations to everyone involved. I had meant to review it before now, having seen it last weekend. I enjoyed every single second of it. Should it ever tour Scotland again, make sure you catch it.)

The article is about how “uncomfortable” he looked at one point.

During a sing-a-long with Bertie Auld and some fans actually.

Is this Brendan telegraphing his intention to leave?

Yes, maybe.

For all we know the guy was hoping for a quick getaway.

Or needing a pee.

Or just a guy stiff and cramped from being sat in one of those hall chairs.

The footage in question was shot by a fan, and in it Brendan looks like a guy who’s going along with it without being terribly bothered one way or another. A bit like if someone had grabbed me at the end of the night and asked me to stand whilst they shot a video of a bunch of people singing.

You might do it without being terribly into it.

It’s The Celtic Song, of course, and the “writer” highlights the line “we don’t care what the animals say …” as the point where the manager looked like he wished he was somewhere else.

Well I’m fairly sure he’s heard worse.

That venue definitely will when it hosts Sevco fans and their own sing-a-long with a Scottish soap star and a would-be wrestler with a name that always makes me think he’s the ventriloquists dummy who briefly steals Krusty The Clown’s TV spot away from him in Season 4 of The Simpson’s.

If any Sevco “luminaries” attend that certain shit-show my advice would be definitely not to be caught on camera.

There’s a certain inevitability about Gerrard winding up in footage of that sort anyway, one way or another.

I look forward to The Scotsman’s forensic examination of his facial expressions.

This story is a nonsense.

The Scotsman really has hit bottom here, with a piece of internet click bait that even The Daily Record would never have run.

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