Date: 8th November 2018 at 5:31pm
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Scotland’s most self-entitled football club is squawking again, screaming like spoiled children, for changes to the regulations involving second yellow cards.

Their absolutely ludicrous appeal against the Candelas red, on account that the ref had failed to tell the difference between a black guy in a St Mirren strip and a white guy in a Sevco top was rejected today. The club has called it “inexplicable” and a “miscarriage of justice.”

I mean for God’s sake. Free The Sevco One.

Who wants to organise the protest march?

Unsatisfied with the wholly sane nature of the SFA’s decision – and one which furthermore does not seek to discipline them for wasting everyone’s time – they’re now demanding changes to the rules. They are also putting in an official complaint about Collum, who let’s face it is not exactly beloved by our own supporters, or those of many other clubs.

Sevco has been telling the media all season long how satisfied they are with Scottish refereeing … until they are not.

That they’ve chosen to make such a big deal out of a perfectly straightforward decision reeks of an effort to distract the media and the governing bodies with fluff whilst things unfold elsewhere. And there’s a lot going on elsewhere, including King’s latest court appearances and Gerrard’s decision to cut loose their Roma reserve.

But Sevco loves a statement, and so tonight they’ve released one. I guess King was getting bored with legal depositions. That the thing screams victimhood and at the same time carries the whiff of conspiracy theories is not exactly surprising.

Look, we all know refereeing in this country is a joke. We all know that some of the decisions are lamentable. If Sevco wants to complain about bad calls then this site would support them if they were saying booking Candelas for celebrating was ridiculous.

Because it was, as booking any player for celebrating is ridiculous.

Celtic players were being booked for it a couple of seasons ago when no other club’s players appeared to be. I argued then that it was a daft rule, but said, equally, that if it was going to be applied then it had to be applied consistently across the boards.

It does seem to be getting adhered to now, but it doesn’t make it any less daft.

I also think there’s a case for being able to appeal a red card which comes from two yellows; we’ve also been on the wrong end of barking decisions where there is no recourse for a reversal and I complained about those too. The idea is not without some merit.

But to use this particular red card as their jumping off point?

That devalues the whole argument.

Really, I don’t know what point they are trying to make here.

Their aggressive, inflammatory press release and the bizarre – barking to be honest – nature of the appeal itself has me half convinced that this is some kind of odd joke to which they are the only people privy.

If they really believe they’ve been hard done by here, in this particular case, they are more delusional than we thought.

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