Our Ibrox Ticket Allocation Debate Is Cheering Up Desperate Sevco Fans In Need Of A Lift.

Image for Our Ibrox Ticket Allocation Debate Is Cheering Up Desperate Sevco Fans In Need Of A Lift.

Tonight, a Sevco fan site has suggested that their team will take a “huge boost” from any our club makes which sees us an allocation for their ground.

Hey, I’m going to cover that issue in a piece tomorrow but for tonight let me just say that if this is what passes for over there, if this is what passes for giving them a “huge lift”, then they are even more desperate for good news than I thought they were.

800 Celtic fans will be at that game, based on the current situation.

They will be outnumbered by some 50-1 on the day. I am moved to wonder just what influence people think they will have on the game. If that Sevco site really reckons that those supporters represent a significant advantage to us then they have no faith in their team at all.

It’s a backhanded compliment. They don’t even predict that it will make the difference between winning and losing the game, only that it will give them a “huge boost.” I bet you didn’t realise that so few of our fans could scare theirs so much.

To me, this boils down to a simple thing; I am confident of our team’s ability to go there and win whether there are 800 fans or the near 8000 we used to get. It will, in all likelihood, make absolutely no difference whatsoever to the outcome. I still expect us to win.

And you know what? The Sevco fans are petrified because they wanted our allocation cut for two reasons; to give them a better chance of winning and so they wouldn’t need to look at the Troops in the Hoops celebrating when they didn’t.

Few things should scare them more than the idea that the whole of their ground will be silent except for the bold 800.

The only thing worse is the prospect of a dead-silent except for a lone guy who’s borrowed his Sevco supporting mate’s seat for the day letting out an ear-splitting, perfectly audible, “YAAAAASSSS!” on the final whistle when we’ve taken the three points.

Honestly, they are this lot.

If our club decides not to take tickets that will be a headline news story that will reverberate around Europe. Think on that for a moment, because clearly said Sevco fan site hasn’t. They see only narrow – a very narrow – possible advantage, and it’s not going to do them the slightest good anyway.

When our team walks off the having beaten Gerrard for the second time, with barely a Celtic fan in the stadium, think on the of that .

Think on how small it’s going to make them feel.

What a fall they are setting themselves up for.

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