Rodgers Linked With Southampton Now. Does Our Media Ever Have An Original Thought?

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Is Brendan Rodgers the only successful manager in ?

Because the media in this country links him to every single job that becomes these days, no matter how absurd the idea is.

Today it’s Southampton who are supposed to want him, and I find this all amazing.

Sooner or later they have to get one of these right, and a club has to finally, actually, make a move Rodgers. You’d think so anyway. They can’t be this wrong all the time.

This story has originated with TalkSport; they are the people who said Solanke was on the way to Ibrox in January and then reversed their own exclusive within 24 hours. Credibility: zero. But this one will spread like wildfire through the Scottish . Wait and see.

One of the reasons no club has made an offer for Rodgers so far is that they know what he would say. He’s not Celtic for Southampton, that’s the bottom line here. If he does go at some point he will want it to be a step up, not a step back.

What astounds me is the total lack of an original thought in media minds.

Clubs are actually far more inventive than the hacks give them credit for. Look at the number of Rodgers has been with and look at some of the names who’ve gotten them; they at least have shortlists with more than one name on them.

Our media is a joke. It’s the easiest and laziest of them all right now. Manager on the verge of the sack? Say Rodgers is on the shortlist if the club decides to replace him. Manager actually ? Say Rodgers is about to be approached and would be interested.

It’s guaranteed .

It’s guaranteed coverage.

It’s guaranteed to get picked up by every media outlet in the country.

It is just bad journalism.

And in the week of a cup final it’s exactly what I would have expected from the worst media in Europe.

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