Date: 4th November 2018 at 11:51am
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Here’s the thing about shock-jocks and attention seeking twats.

They lower the tone of the debate.

They drag it down to the level of a schoolyard slagging match.

Witness the two self-promotors Savage and Sutton having a spat on social media over Robbie Savage’s “opinion” that Celtic would not get into a European Super League but that Sevco would.

That opinion really isn’t worth debating, or engaging in any way.

Who is Savage?

What’s his contribution to a greater understanding of the sport?

There are a lot of players who think they make great pundits; in truth, his one contribution to life after football was the laugh we all got seeing him break his own nose in a stupid attempt to do a “slide to camera” trick when he placed sixth on Strictly Come Dancing.

The man is an out-and-out eejit.

It doesn’t matter how you judge his argument about Sevco being more deserving of a Super League place than we are; on finance, size of the support, reputation in the game, current standing, sanity of the board of directors, or on the most controversial one of all – sporting merit. Celtic wins on every single one of the criteria.

Why bother, then, to get into a slagging match with someone who’s either delusional or simply talking just to hear the sound of his own voice?

Sutton has clearly never heard the old Mark Twain wisdom, “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” In the case of those two, that only hurts Sutton because Savage clearly is one but our former striker certainly is not, even if he’s getting that reputation.

I would urge Sutton to stop some of his more nonsensical behaviour; it really is affecting his chances of ever being taken seriously as a journalist. No longer engaging with halfwits like this would be a good way to start reigning himself in a bit. They have been arguing now over Scottish football – a subject Savage is colossally ignorant on – for years.

When do you finally suss that it makes you look like just as big a clown?

The truth is, Savage’s little outburst might have made the days of certain Scottish sports journalists, who got to slap those remarks all over their back pages but it didn’t move the dial one millimetre in terms of where Sevco is compared to where we are.

Nobody who’s opinion matters listened to his idiotic statement and decided that he was right, not that it matters anyway because it looks as if it will be a cold day in Hell before a “European League” on the order of the one I wrote about yesterday even happens.

A UEFA run one, perhaps … but even after making sure it has the “big clubs” in it; i.e. those from the wealthy powerful countries, the rest of the league will be made up of clubs there on sporting merit and that, as we all know, counts Gerrard and his puny NewCo out of the running.

Celtic rolls on.

His ignorant rants are just another part of the background noise, and are all the more irrelevant for how stupid they make him sound.

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