Sky’s Coverage Of Our Game Yesterday Was Abysmal. It Will Be Shocking If They Get The TV Contract.

Image for Sky’s Coverage Of Our Game Yesterday Was Abysmal. It Will Be Shocking If They Get The TV Contract.

Yesterday reminded Scottish football why we don’t want them to have next television contract to cover games. Their coverage is so skewed towards their EPL golden ticket that they don’t even pretend to care any longer.

There was no analysis whatsoever of match before they switched to doing the Chelsea game … which didn’t kick off for another hour.

This is how it is with them. Scottish football is barely even an afterthought.

They only show it because for a long time now our so-called leaders have been willing to flog product cheap. That was everything wrong with their coverage of our national sport in one afternoon, and it’s a symptom of the bigger issue at of course.

Sky used to boast that it was the Home of Football, but as the greed of the EPL has pushed the prices for their games up more and more, Sky has departed from covering the game as a whole and instead has now focussed all its efforts on England.

Gone are Italian, German, French and even Spanish games. They have lost the two European competitions.

All of it has been sacrificed to give more money to the Premier League.

They no longer even care about providing variety for their own viewers; El Classico, a bigger game, by far, than any the EPL can boast, can now be found only online. The more money the English game gets the more they cut from covering football elsewhere.

I do not want to see Sky get the Scottish contract.

They don’t care about their Scottish customers; give all of those customers the opportunity to take their cash to BT instead, who care more about the sport up here and cover it with greater care and attention. Poll after poll has revealed that this is what Scottish football want … if they even offer parity with Sky the SPFL should bite their hands off.

It is time we left Sky to its core product; see how it gets on.

Even it is no longer secure; their customers are buying a fragmented of games split between them and BT and eventually streaming sites. Giving Sky cash is a waste of your money now as every year you get less bang for your bucks.

Scottish football is better off elsewhere.

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