The A-Z Of Scottish Football Corruption And Scandal Part Four

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This is the fourth and final part of my article on Scottish football corruption and scandal.

I consider this a reasonable overview of the issues our game has had to deal with in the past six or so years, and whilst it is not exhaustive it is still pretty extensive.

I had actually forgotten to finish this, until I was reminded earlier.

The article is now complete, and all four parts can be read at their respective links.

In this section, I’m going to look at Scottish football’s xenophobia, the media’s pushing of the two biggest in the sport’s history on this island, the SFA’s ability to slap on the and how is used by the SFA and the media to close down arguments and discussions they do not want to have.

And I’m also going to look at our unlikely hero in 2012, a man who never wanted to be but stepped up when others wouldn’t.

What a debt we owe him.

If you think the game is a mess now, imagine how it might have looked without his quiet anger on the .

The game here is stuck in the mud. There are scandals galore at its heart, and no neutral, no outsider, would believe unless they were fully acquainted with all this stuff. I do not consider this list to be the final word; there will be books and documentaries about all of this stuff in the years to come. We also have to consider that some of these issues are yet to be fully resolved. There are legal issues arising from some of it which are still going through the .

Others will certain inspire legal actions in the future.

It is still amazing to me that the game does under the collective weight of all this stuff.

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