The Media’s Constant Attacks On Us Must Be Met By A Response From Celtic Park.

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I would like to take James from earlier – which was absolutely spot on again BTW – a little further, if I may.

This is not simply about looking to blame everyone and anyone else for the behaviour of scumbags in our society, although when these scumbags are wrapped in Union Jacks and Sevco colours that is exactly what they do.

Nor is it, only, about them having their friends and “brethren” in the country’s institutions assert themselves to our detriment.

It is part of the overall plan of keeping us at the “back of the bus”

Now some may say I see this everywhere, that is because it is everywhere.

In what other football, or sporting, realm would a be accused of inciting violence by going to THEIR OWN FANS after a victory?

None. Absolutely None.

As James said, if that happened anywehere else, the scumbags who became aggressive would get the blame. but not here. Not Sevco. Not when it involves Celtic. It must be and used to keep us down.

It must be used to say that we cannot celebrate, we can win, they can’t stop us doing that anymore but they will not accept Fenian, Catholics celebrating. they, and by they I mean Scottish in general, can’t have that.

These scumbag, violent animals, and yes that is strong I know, but it is time they were called what they are, and we all know these peepul read this blog, so yes I am call YOU that, are allowed to behave in any damn way the see fit and blame EVERYONE else. we get the usual excuse of “only small minority”, it isn’t actually, and those who don’t accept it, even condone it and as such are just as big scumbags as the rest.

Now this is very similar to what James has said however for those of you who didn’t actually see it in the flesh, the story was on the front page and on the inside was opposite a story about a Catholic home for kids and child abuse allegations. Now this is, quite rightly reported, however it is a deliberate attempt, in it’s placing, to link it to Celtic, even if it wasn’t, which I do not believe, it shows, at best a high level of incompetence and complete lack of care on how it will affect people.

The SMSM media claim they can never be held to account for actions of others, unlike Celtic of course who can it seems, but these scumbag sevco fans will link it to Celtic and use it. Like they have repeatedly done.

So how can the press not see it? Another tool to keep us down and attacked from all angles.

These acts are now affecting the club’s name, the club need to step up here, on these publications must start. Lawell must start using the courts to take these people on.

We owe them nothing. And I include the police in that, get whoever blamed us for that violence brought up, it’s libellous, to the club and each individual player.

Question that fucking rag in court about why those two stories were so closely placed. Ban them from CP.

We must start taking the offensive on this.

We must openly say that we will no longer be “kept at the back of the bus”

The time has come.

Dave Campbell is a Celtic fan and blogger who is increasingly sick of the misrepresentations of our club and our fans.

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