The SFA’s Inaction Over Tynecastle Will Encourage Disorder And Is A Further Stain On Our National Sport.

Image for The SFA’s Inaction Over Tynecastle Will Encourage Disorder And Is A Further Stain On Our National Sport.

Tonight, the SFA announced what it intends to do about the shameful events at Tynecastle involving the supporters.

And the answer is the one this website predicted, with a heavy heart; nothing whatsoever.

Neither club will be disciplined for the disgraceful behavior of its fans. The powers that exist are again not being used to their full effect. And people in football why wonder governments want to intervene, in the belief that the game is simply incapable of running its affairs right?

This would be the reason, this right here.

Someone is going to get killed in a Scottish football stadium because of serious crowd disorder. It is as grimly inevitable as Sevco getting a penalty kick late in a tight game. You can see this coming miles down the road, because of how these matters are dealt with.

We’re in a bad place here, folks, we really are.

Why is the governing body so incapable of dealing with the deplorable events of that night? Why were they so unwilling to deal with what happened at the Scottish Cup Final of 2016? Because to deal with either meant having to deal with it all, the things that have happened and those still to come.

Which, ultimately, would have meant going head-to-head, eventually, with Ibrox.

Nothing scares them more. It was events involving the Ibrox club – the aforementioned cup final riot – which sparked renewed calls for strict liability; the cowardice of the governing bodies has emboldened hooligans and neds, and the near silence of the media has made it worse.

The troublemakers have not been scared off nor dealt with and so trouble could spring up just about anywhere, on any given week. Some games will be more high-risk that others; when Sevco travels to Easter Road, watch out for serious issues.

I am now positively dreading our visit to Ibrox at the turn of the year, and I was never looking forward to that trip.

The SFA’s inaction is scandalous, and it is dangerous.

The people running our game have never looked less capable. They have never looked so dreadfully out of touch. It is clear what needs to be done here. They have the power to do it. They refuse to use it. They are in hiding, when what we need is real leadership.

Yeah, we’re in a bad place.

And the worst of that is knowing we’ve not yet seen the worst that can happen.

But we’re going to. It’s in the wind.

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