Date: 12th November 2018 at 12:28pm
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Football is by far the biggest sport in the UK. However, it may surprise you to learn that it is also the most popular betting market. There are a number of reasons for why betting on football proves to be so enticing for both novices and those with more betting experience. You can find some of the best betting websites for football on

A recent report showed that gambling on football was worth a record £1.4 billion in 2017. Football in the UK and gambling have always had a close relationship. The most obvious reason for the high popularity of football gambling is to do with the popularity of the sport itself. Football continues to grow and its popularity has only got higher over the years. It is the dominant sport in the UK and this trend does not look to subside anytime soon. However, the popularity of the sport itself is not the only reason for why it is the UK’s most popular betting market.


One of the key reasons for why football betting is such a popular market in the UK is due to the adverts. There are many gambling adverts that specifically target football viewers. These are usually shown before football matches. They are also commonly repeated during half time, which gives them a highly targeted market. Football viewers respond to these engaging adverts by getting involved with the match they are watching. It offers fans a new thrill to go alongside their hobby of watching football.

Range of Markets

Football is a sport that has an incredible range of markets. Virtually every single outcome can be wagered on. This makes attractive for more experienced bettors who want to try their hand at the asian market or the corners market. It is also attractive to the casual punter who may have more specialized information about their team. Football is a sport with one of the highest range of different markets which makes it more appealing than sports where the markets are limited.


There has been a huge rise in the amount of in-play opportunities available by bookmakers. Football in particular boasts a range of markets for this criteria. This allows fans to interact with the game on a real time basis. The thrill of watching football can be boosted by making a bet while the match is ongoing. Football betting has been boosted by the onset of in-play options. The ‘next scorer’ market is a particular favourite in the in-play as it is easy to understand and usually offers value odds. The sophistication of in-play markets means that customers can track their bets live, even if they aren’t watching the game. They can see the full statistics and some bookmakers even offer a virtual way of keeping up with the events. Customers are also able to ‘cash out’ their bet during the course of a game.


There is a strong culture of football in the UK. Even as a child it is impossible to escape the talk of football. Most children play football at some point in their lives. Growing up in a culture that places football so highly, is one of the reasons why betting on it becomes so popular. Football is something that is already so familiar to so many people. Therefore, they feel as though placing some money for fun is an activity they would enjoy. Other sports do not have the same level of exposure that football does in the country. Most people in the country are proud to watch and support our favorite clubs. Therefore it always a shame when this passion is marred by events such as the recent action of supporters at Tynecastle.


The well renowned, ‘acca’ has become a staple in football betting. This is usually an accumulator that relies on multiple outcomes. The winnings can be very substantial and the amount placed is usually very low. The excitement and thrill of accas brings a new dimension to football betting. The winnings can be in the range of thousands from a bet lower than £5. This brings an exciting ‘lottery’ element to the world of betting. It allows people to have fun and keep up with a number of matches. It also means they don’t have to wager much to feel the full excitement of a football accumulator.


The football market will remain the biggest in the UK for many years to come. The culture will not be changing anytime soon and the best bookmakers will continue to offer a huge range of markets to the customer. No other sport can quite match the rush of a last minute goal that wins someone their accumulator.