Sevco’s Celebrations At Tynecastle Are A Hilarious Reminder Of Just Who They Are.

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There are people who dislike my use of the word Sevco. They’ve even been known to complain about it. I fully understand why.

That word is the sum total of what the Ibrox club is now.

Stripped of success, wealth, power and respect in the game here in Scotland, they have been reduced to a husk operating on the margins, desperate for something to happen which elevates them to the plain on which Rangers once sat.

That word is a reminder to them that they are not the club that once played at Ibrox, in any way, shape or form.

And I have always thought that it was silly for them to cling to the illusion that they are, for a very, many reasons none the least of which is this; the club they believe they once followed never actually existed in the first place.

We all know this is true.

Everyone in Scottish football knows that it is true, all but them.

But for David Murray having, at his disposal, the unlimited overdraft and debt financing available to him prior to 2008, from a bank which later crashed and was nationalised (which means we picked up the tab for all of it) and who’s executives were investigated in a mammoth fraud operation, the club they followed would have been a pale shadow of that which it was.

Sevco is less than that, and that’s something that, in my view, their fans should have embraced. The new club was a chance at a new start, and expectations which were limited and tempered as a result of it. That, surely, had to be better than unrealistic hopes and fantasies.

Yet in some ways, I believe that those expectations have been tempered and that the last few years have cast a little light on their true position, and that even the most dead-set supporter can see that clearly. For why else, unless you knew your limitations, would you celebrate at the end of a match which put you top of the table by default?

It’s the sort of “achievement” – one which means absolutely nothing – that you might have expected Killie fans to celebrate. Did Hearts fans lose it over their start to the season? In the brief periods when Aberdeen have been top, did they over-celebrate?

Of course they didn’t. They knew what apparently the Sevco fans don’t … that there’s a long way to go and a whole lot of football to be played.

Some people think it’s ego that made those players and supporters go so OTT at the weekend but perhaps it’s something else; perhaps it is premature enlightenment. For this is not “the Rangers are coming” as some have suggested. It’s that Sevco has actually arrived. Arrived at the point where just being top on a temporary basis is something to celebrate.

And for a six-year-old football club, you know what? It is.

Sevco can have their wee day in the sun. As Scotland’s youngest football club, to have gone from the bottom tier to the summit of the SPL is really something. That’s why those other clubs who’ve briefly sat there over the years of our dominance didn’t get so excited.

This is who they are now. At long last, they may finally be realising it.

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