Sssssh. It’s Oh So Quiet Amongst The Critics As Celtic Storm Back To The Top.

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That was a Celtic performance today.

That was a Rodgers performance.

Killie were top before the day began, and we swept them aside with ease. Everyone expected it to be a tough game, and that includes all of the bloggers I suspect … but Celtic were not paying attention to the white noise. They were focussed on business.

What a team we are when we are on form. What blinding, spellbinding, football we play. This team is like a well oiled machine when it is on form.

We went forward today with all the smoothness of a high speed train on oiled rails. But we also had the relentlessness of an M1A Abrams.

We created chances in midweek but could not make them count.

By half time here today we had scored four. The job was done early, and we are capable of doing this to anyone in . All others beware, because Celtic are back at the top of the league and on that kind of form we could run through the crucial month of December without pause. Mark my words, if we play like we did today nobody will get near us.

I need to do a full piece on Ryan Christie, because he has been simply magnificent. He got the Player of the Month award of course, and he it, but it doesn’t really do justice to how simply superb he has been of late. He just keeps on . He just keeps on performing like a top footballer should. I have always liked him, I’ve always been a fan, but he has amazed me with the way he’s played and the swagger that is now part of his game.

“A different level,” is how Michael Stewart summed up our display. He is right. It is one of the most impressive we’ve turned in under the manager. Think about that a moment. That was up there with the very, very finest. Think too on Kieran and Scott being out of the team for the game. Was this our strongest eleven? Without those two, of course it wasn’t. But everyone in the team took charge. Izzy, in particular, deserves great praise.

But I was particularly pleased for Edouard and for Scott Sinclair.

Both were magnificent.

Scott gets the credit for turning in such a fine display at the end of a week which has been dominated by stories about the abuse he continues to get off the park.

Edouard I am pleased for because idiots in the press boxes were sharpening their pencils to write more “off form” nonsense about him.

He had a stormer. He can be unplayable at times.

Tonight the hacks and the critics who were gloating last Sunday over their favourites being top of the table are silent. Because although the result in midweek was not great, their own club suffered a complete against Aberdeen.

Today we showed them, we showed everyone, who the best side in this country is … the best side by far.

There is a certain sweetness to be had in looking at where we are now in relation to those ludicrous scenes at Tynecastle. We ignored the white noise to triumph in the . We let our standards slip a little on Wednesday but still secured a point which was more than the hunters of Ibrox managed to do. We blasted the league leaders into orbit this afternoon and we now sit atop the table, where we belong, where we expect to be.

Eat your words, hacks. And then, for your own good, shut it for a while and save yourselves further embarrassment.

This has not been your finest week, and that’s saying something.

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