The Rest Of Scottish Football Can Enjoy EastEnders. We’ve Got Better Things To Do … In Valencia!

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someone who’s not been terribly excited about the Europa League during this campaign, except right at the end, on the set of games, only for the tie at Parkhead to be disappointing beyond belief, I feel pretty chuffed with the draw.

is a beautiful city and the idea of playing a Spanish club is a beautiful thought.

Especially one that’s not exactly playing blinding football.

There is the glimmer of a chance here, and that alone makes it an prospect.

Scottish football fans in the main can enjoy EastEnders.

We have more important business to attend to, for a couple more Thursday’s at least.

Anyone who thinks we won’t be to these games is frankly bananas.

I’ve enjoyed the media these last few days as they try to the Ibrox NewCo’s exit as something that lets them “focus on domestic games.”

Bravo. They are welcome to do so, and whilst they are we’ll be looking to another adventure on the continent.

Our media has a wonderful way of trying to spin good news as bad and bad news as good, depending on who’s experiencing one or the other. Our after European trips has not been great, and they are clinging to that for dear life, but it has a lot to do with the number of away games we’ve had to play following those fixtures … more on that another time.

The tie will be difficult to navigate.

Nobody should think otherwise. 14th in the Spanish League they may be, but that’s not to say that they are in any way a bad team.

They beat Manchester United not so long ago … they are a bloody good side.

I’ve seen Villarreal play this season and believe me, I’d have preferred them.

But we’ll take what we get, and Valencia it is. I have to admit, I am actually really looking forward to this one. Apart from anything else, it’s the sort of game that might prove enticing to future targets. Now the board has to get those signings over the line.

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