We all know that our club gets stick in the media here, and after the Amsterdam verdict last week – where a group of our supporters was cleared of causing any trouble in the Dutch capital five years ago – there is an understandable feeling that the whole support has been vindicated.

We did not need it though.

Celtic is, and has always been, more than just a football club.

Founded with charity in mind, to feed the poor of Glasgow’s East End, we are steeped in a mythos that is a source of enormous pride and satisfaction for all of us.

But this pride goes beyond our glorious foundation story; we are a club which continues to want to be more than we are, and to leave an impact, and a footprint, which outlasts us.

This article will examine the Celtic support, and the ways in which we have consistently lived up to the best traditions of our founding, and continued to spread the great name of Celtic across the globe and down through the ages.

From stories here at home to our generosity and spirit abroad, they are part of what makes us great.

You may know some of this, you may know all of it, or you may not know any of it … but you, me and all of us are proud of what we are and where we come from.

Forget the way we are sometimes portrayed in the media; this is who we are.