Date: 11th January 2019 at 6:16pm
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Let’s start with the Village Idiots.

Also known as Sevco supporters.

They appear to believe that Celtic fans are in “meltdown” over the result a fortnight ago.

In truth, most of us were past the match itself on the day after it.

Focus turned immediately to how we were going to sort our team out for the second half of the season and, more importantly as none of us really believes we’ll lose the league, getting ready for the Champions League qualifiers in the next campaign.

We lost away from home. It’s happened four times this season. None of those results caused, or was ever likely to cause, any “meltdown.”

The repercussions of that game will continue to reverberate though, and for one simple reason; somebody at the SFA is telling lies about the Beaton scenario and Celtic does not like to be lied to and won’t accept it when it happens.

These muppets might not think the behaviour of the SFA is important, but that’s only because this series of decisions involved us. They sing a very different song after every decision that goes against them. It is impossible to take them seriously on stuff like this, because they live inside a bubble you can’t penetrate.

The so-called “meltdown” is entirely in their own febrile imaginations.

They see what they want to see.

Getting through to them is impossible. Celtic’s concern over the conduct of the SFA is something that’s precisely none of their business. I’ll tell you this, had a ref given a number of contentious decisions against them and then went jollying it up in the Gallowgate there would have been more than his works phone number doing the rounds online.

You can only imagine the hysterical statement it would have generated from the foaming press officers who work over there.

But this is life as a Sevco supporter. Everything around their club is distorted. They live half in and half out of fantasy. Like lunatics who believe they are running the asylum, they seriously hate to have their version of the world challenged by such things as truth and fact. I do not sympathise with them, but I do understand their situation.

Because this comes from the club itself, born and existing in denial about their own identity and their total lack of a history. The history which they do claim is as tainted as it’s possible to be, the last decade or more of it immersed in a culture of cheating.

It can’t be easy, existing in this half-light of pure delusion. It can’t be good for you, trying to square the circle every single day, telling yourself this stuff over and over again. Their supporters are convinced that our club is on the brink of collapse and our fans hysterical over a single defeat, but this is no less insane than some of what the club itself believes.

You only need to listen to Gerrard and Allen talking about Morelos and how he’s the real victim here – this neddish yob who’s already been red carded four times this season and has more yellow next to his name than a field of daffodils. In their world it is Morelos, and not Scottish football, who is in need of “greater protection” from refs; it’s a little like saying it’s the neighbourhood kids who should be muzzled for the sake of the LSD eating pit-bull up the street.

Is it even possible to give greater protection to a footballer whose recent fouls might as well have been made under a cloak of invisibility for all officials claim to have seen them?

And you have to wonder; why are they like this? Why do they talk this nonsense, knowing that some will have the guts to call it out for what it is? Oh I know the lily-livers in the press corps won’t say it, but other managers know the truth and have to be thinking it.

The bloggers are frankly laughing their backsides off over it because it’s such obvious madness.

But theirs is a club that simply can’t – or won’t – play it straight about anything.

When Defoe said the other day that he had interest from other clubs I saw no reason to disbelieve that, although I did find it slightly baffling when he said that Palace had shown interest. I believed, then and now, that his best offers would have come from China or the States.

EPL interest seemed unlikely to me because he’s clearly no longer up to playing at that level.

What do you know though? Palace have today flatly denied that they were interested, or that they made him an offer of any kind. So it seems that Defoe had exactly one offer, the one from Ibrox, and you wonder just why he had to go in front of the cameras and make something up. The press here has been drooling like drunks on a 36-hour bender since he signed; it would have made no difference to them whether he had other offers or not.

In the end you need to conclude that it’s Ibrox, that it’s the place itself that does this to people, that its media and PR department puts these stupid words in people’s mouths and they don’t care about contradiction or being caught in the lies.

This is not the first time I’ve seen something like this from them and thought immediately of the Trump White House. They both seem to operate in the same way, except that the media over there hammers back every time Trump or one of his lackeys stands in front of them and spews their nonsense.

Both lie so brazenly, so consistently, so shamelessly.

At least Americans have sites which keep an eye on their government.

If there were a Fact Check site for the PR that comes out of Ibrox … man, that website would crash on the first day, the second you started to input the data from just that week alone. You simply cannot trust a single word that comes out of that place.

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