Obsessed With Hatred, Steeped In Bile, Now Sevco’s Crazies Want To Weaponize Racism.

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At Kilmarnock at the weekend, Sevco’s match was less than five minutes old before the first chants went up of “f@ck the SFA.”

Within a minute they had fixed their loathing onto something else. Their ability to spew bile for 90 minutes straight would be impressive if it was not so abhorrent.

They are the masters at 360 degrees, full spectrum, hatred.

Yet they are solidly of the that, in fact, they are the ones who are hated.

Even if it were true, what do they expect when they pour such filth out of the stands everywhere they go?

Is there anyone in Scottish football who these people don’t detest?

These people find a new low every single day. Their with the Celtic Boys Club scandal is only part of it. They have targeted Jay Beatty more times than I can count. They have sung songs about Billy McNeil and Jock Stein, two of the greatest men in the history of this game.

There is nothing they will not use to score cheap points.

There is something rotten inside their club that breeds this, that allows it, that keeps it bubbling away.

When these are willing to weaponize such a thing as child abuse, we should not be surprised at what else they are willing to do. But their recent campaign of trying to dress up disciplinary against Alfredo Morelos as something that springs from racism is as abhorrent and despicable as anything I’ve seen from them in years.

This started with as an allegation against the media, and is amongst the most absurd things I’ve ever heard the mainstream press in this country being accused of. Whatever else I may say about them, that is a disgraceful charge and wholly without foundation of any sort. Now the allegation has shifted, to targeting the SFA itself, which is no less absurd.

Do the people making this allegation even believe it? I would be astounded if they did. It is so obviously crazy, the apex of hysterical paranoia. Yet is it any less incredible that they would throw that charge around with such abandon, even as a stick to beat people with?

Do these clowns have no sense of proportion, no sense of the damage they could do if that charge sticks even a little bit?

It won’t, and they should probably be grateful for that. Considering the lunatics who run that asylum over there, I wouldn’t put it past them to promote the idea within the club itself and that will poison the well for many of their signing targets.

Morelos himself certainly can’t believe that Scottish football is pursuing a racist agenda against him. If he swallowed that for a second, he would be the dumbest player to pull on boots in this country since John Brown hung his up. I feel a little sorry for him on this one, being used like this by people who are perfectly willing to use his name as just another tool, just another prop, in their long-term offensive campaign against truth and decency.

He deserves his punishment for what he does on the pitch. He does not deserve to have his name used in such a repugnant manner. The promoting this have no more respect for him than they do for the abuse victims they claim to be on the side of, but who actually they couldn’t care less about except as a means of linking evil events to our club.

They have no shame, but they continue to heap plenty of it on themselves and on the club that they profess to love. There is a dark malignancy at the heart of that support and nobody at Ibrox seems at all interested in acknowledging it far less cutting it out.

But it casts a shadow over everything they do.

These fans are poisonous. Any sane club would want shot of them.

Any sane support would want them removed from its ranks.

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