Stewart Robertson’s Comments Are A Desperate Deflection From His Club’s Poor Form.

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Trust Sevco fans to get all sentimental and lovey-dovey about their again because one of the men guilty of mismanaging it has come out and had a pop at external targets.

Every corrupt regime in the world must wish that it had followers as dumb as these, people easily swayed by the slightest suggestion that everyone else is out to get them. You no longer have to do your job well at Ibrox. All you have to do is point to someone else and say they are the cause of your failure.

That covers a multitude of sins.

Tonight it’s the turn of Stewart Robertson to go looking for scapegoats, and he has found two of them in the BBC and in the SFA compliance officer. The BBC are guilty of “vilifying” Alfredo Morelos. The compliance officer is being accused of God knows what; he claims standards have dropped since Clare Whyte was brought in.

As if they were before she arrived.

All of this, of course, comes after some decisions go against them. But only a few weeks ago this same club was telling us there was nothing at all wrong with the discipline system. You cannot help but marvel at the way they behave, at how they can change tac at the drop of a hat. Their hypocrisy is absolutely boundless.

Their ability to rewrite history is without parallel or shame.

The attack on the BBC is absolutely astonishing; you’d never know that the club provoked their with the broadcaster and continues it in the most petty fashion imaginable. You’d also think that they got tremendous criticism from that source almost all the time, when nothing could be more removed from the truth or from reality; Sevco gets an astonishingly easy time from them as everyone who has had to stomach their commentary knows full well.

But sounding like the most paranoid nutcase, Robertson lashed them.

“You only have to go back to the Alfredo Morelos after the (Celtic) game where they seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time examining Alfredo’s actions but no time at all on any other incidents from that game …”

What other incidents would he like people to focus on? Does he have anything specific on his mind or is this just general ranting? I think we know the answer.

“And Morelos was effectively vilified for three weeks on various BBC platforms so the question is, if they are treating us differently and they have in writing that they are treating us differently to other Premiership clubs, where else are they treating us differently?”

What garbage this is. Vilified? He has to be joking. Morelos’ own behaviour has put him in the spotlight and it’s as simple as that. What is the BBC supposed to do? Not report the news? Ignore completely the behaviour of a player who has made a name for himself as a thug?

The longer people inside Ibrox cling to these deranged fantasies the less chance they have of getting Morelos through this season without further incident. If he believes the club will support him even when it patently ludicrous to do so, and that they will look for others to blame for his behaviour, they have next to no chance of changing that behaviour.

His about Clare Whyte come very close to bringing the game into disrepute. The veiled allegation that she is biased is astonishing coming from a club who were granted an appeal on the Candelas red card to which they weren’t even entitled.

“There’s no doubt, Clare came in at the start of the season and things have been dealt with differently this year,” he said. And as if the inference wasn’t clear enough he decided that he would spell it out for the stupidest Ibrox fan. “The incidents that have been reviewed this season wouldn’t have been reviewed last year, or some of those incidents.”

Message received loud and clear, especially on their forums which are buzzing with barely suppressed glee at their hitting out at two such obvious and easy targets. It is pitiful posturing coming at a time when the Gerrard is unravelling fast.

As deflection tactics go, this is a good one because it works.

They’ve proved that over and over again.

The Peepul are gullible and pliable and are lapping this up like Pavlov’s slobbering dogs. They are so conditioned it’s unreal. That club could be collapsing in on itself and as long as someone on the board took a shot outside the walls they’d get a free ride.

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