A Croatian Football Expert Has Burst Another Sevco Transfer Windfall Bubble.

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Scottish football’s media “experts”. You have to them. They are an embarrassment to the profession. The total of what they know couldn’t fill the famous Wee Red Book. Yet they shill the most atrocious on behalf of their favourite club.

First it was Morelos; “the future of Colombian football” according to James Rodriguez.

But only if you remove half the words he said and twist the meaning until you hear something squeal and then break. The Colombian national coach was not as impressed as the hype would have had you believe; in two the player got 48 minutes in total.

The latest hype surrounds Barisic, their left back, who’s played enough in this country to convince every single Ibrox fan that there’s nothing there. He has been in and out of the team. Gerrard is currently crying the blues because he looks set to miss the game at the weekend; one player, and he’s already building an excuse on top of it.

He had a decent game for their national team during the week. Apparently.

One Ibrox site claimed that he was suddenly worth £10 million; the level of delusion necessary to make that kind of leap is pretty impressive, but that some in the media were suddenly exalting him as if the eyes of the football world were suddenly on Ibrox and this emerging talent.

But tonight – haha – a genuine football expert from Croatia has weighed in with that one thing the Scottish press does its level best never to provide; actual knowledge. Actual insight. He has a slightly take on things.

Writing in The Herald tonight, he has offered up an excoriating verdict on Barisic and accused the media in his native land of the sort of nonsensical, overexcited hype that the press here gets up to. His own view on the player is hardly more nuanced, but it takes the absolute opposite view.

“Barisic usually disappoints; he’s not a “big-game player” simply because he can’t handle proper attacking threats in defence and still be capable of doing his share offensively. He never could. And, given that he started out as a winger and was only converted to full-back a few years ago, it’s not that hard to conclude why … he is really more of a mediocre winger who can defend a bit posing as full-back.”


That must be especially hard to read for fans who thought this guy was going to become a superstar on their watch.

It’s also a warning to our press about getting carried away, and a message about their reliance on similarly clownish reports on which to base their own “analysis.”

Nothing beats having someone impartial, who actually watches football, to fill you in.

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