Celtic Releases A Statement Lashing The Press For Misrepresenting Yesterday’s Police Scotland Report.

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As I said in an article last night, some of the coverage we’ve had in the past week and a half has been absolutely disgraceful. Today, the club has released a statement on that very issue, lashing the media for misrepresenting the report released by the police into ground safety in Scotland.

As you’ll all know, various media outlets ran with the story and used the Janefield Street crush to highlight the point. Except, the police report didn’t mention that at all. For the media to have tried to suggest that Celtic Park was somehow unsafe, or that there were concerns to that end, was abysmal.

Celtic’s statement is short and right to the point.

“Celtic Football Club notes the release of yesterday’s report covering the policing of football in Scotland.

Contrary to certain media reports, this study was not commissioned in response to any incident at Celtic Park and it covers a range of issues surrounding policing, safety and the licensing of football across the whole of Scotland.

It is well-known that Celtic has commissioned its own report into the events at Celtic Park last year, an incident which the Club has treated with the utmost seriousness. The outcome of this comprehensive and thorough investigation will be released shortly.”

People inside Celtic Park have clearly had enough of the way the press constantly tries to find new and interesting ways of attacking us.

The latest incident, involving a break-in at Brendan Rodgers’ house, gave license to some of the direst headlines I’ve seen in a long time, all hinting that our fans might be responsible for what was almost certainly a professional job.

Whilst Celtic neither can, nor should, respond to every story out there, I never thought it likely that would meekly accept even the suggestion that our home ground is not safe for fans. Those outlets which yesterday sought to convey that impression have been put on notice; our directors are not going to stand for it.

Our club is not going to stand for it.

Well done Celtic.

More of this kind of thing in the future, please.

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