Not Fit For ANY Purpose? Is The SFA Really Going To Dither Over Sacking McLeish?

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Let me tell you what I find funny about SFA’s statement to the media today denying they have any plans to meet with Alex McLeish to decide his future; someone inside that building where they are supposed to be working but where they’re actually in hiding is already leaking like a sieve.

Everyone knows something has happened that can’t be undone.

I slag media for a lot of things, but not this time. Keith Jackson’s Record article was a fine piece of journalism.

Jackson has story, and Hell, a lot of us know there’s a story to be had.

Players were on that tour, but not just players. There were an assortment of lower-level SFA staff and they all know facts as well.

And somebody is talking, and that person will not be last who does.

Because of that, I do believe Jackson had it right when he said SFA was preparing the axe.

What has changed in last few hours?

Has McLeish called in lawyers?

Has he demanded they back him or pay him full cost of his contract?

There is ample reason for firing this guy. Kazakhstan result was atrocious beyond belief.

The guy has lost the confidence of the players, if they ever had it to begin with. The Tartan Army – and I know some of their boys well – are in open revolt and there’s a threat hanging that tickets will not be purchased as long as McLeish is in place.

Lastly, everyone knows – from the fans to the players to the media to the SFA executives – that he cannot possibly take Scotland into the game against Belgium; it would be a catastrophic night for the national team and the reputations of all involved.

The decision has been taken, and the press was briefed.

Only the SFA could lose their bottle at the last minute and botch the job.

Only the SFA would add further humiliation to their own embarrassment.

Honestly, what are they waiting for? The other shoe to drop? It will, nothing is more certain. Everyone knows that the trip was a shambles from start to finish … end it now, and do us all a favour. This morning I thought the governing body had at least found a yard of guts.

A few hours on, they are the dithering mess they’ve always been.

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