Sevco’s Shrieking Sense Of Victimhood Is So Constant It’s Becoming A Bore.

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Turn down your telly just a little, or your radio, or take out your headphones for a moment. Listen. You hear it? That background whining and shrieking and wailing and moaning. Dante’s Pilgrim was very familiar with that sound, which he heard throughout his long trek through the Inferno. It’s the mood music of the Damned and it’s coming from Ibrox and its environs.

It was funny once upon a time, this.

I used to enjoy those pained cries; now they are tiresome.

They are boring.

They are like background noise you simply cannot shut off. It has become an irritant, like one of those songs that pops up every now and then and appears to be everywhere, and which was at first a good tune but over long exposure becomes torturous so you can’t even listen to it years later, long after it has faded into little more than a memory.

The Sevco fans have whined so much I think it has dulled my appreciation of their suffering, and frankly I’m sick hearing about it.

They are happier today than they were expecting because Morelos was cleared – an outrageous decision I’ll be covering later – but they continue to bitch over the Celtic Park ticketing arrangements, although that entire affair is a direct consequence of actions taken by their own club and its chairman.

Everywhere, they are being persecuted, or so they would have you believe. The “great refereeing conspiracy” theory has taken a hit today with the SFA letting the thug Morelos off with his latest vicious incident, but their ire has been refocussed on the BBC who they accuse – without a shred of evidence it has to be said – of pushing for the case in the first place.

There is no other club in football, anywhere, which is so immersed in paranoia and hatred.

Dip a toe into their forums if you don’t believe me.

Just this week they had separate rants on the injury time at Dens – ignoring the five minutes added onto their own game the day before – another on the “persecution” of Morelos, one on the refs who go easy on their opponents (22 yellow cards have been awarded against them in the last four games including eight against Aberdeen; eight.) and another on how the CPS is a Celtic led cabal … this because of the “effigies” case which recently collapsed.

Yes, they believe the Scottish judiciary hates them.

This is in the space of a week remember, and these are mere tasters of the sum total of hate and lunacy doing the rounds on their most prominent fan sites.

Celtic is on the brink of eight in a row. Next season, as we go for nine, this kind of stuff is only going to be louder. The worst thing is that they believe every word of it too; they wallow in this stuff now, and I don’t see them ever getting free of it.

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