Lennon Hits Back At Whoever Is Leaking The Celtic Line-Ups To The Public.

Image for Lennon Hits Back At Whoever Is Leaking The Celtic Line-Ups To The Public.

Neil Lennon reacted today against those who think that it’s somehow cool to leak our team line-ups before games.

This site has done a couple of articles on this – including an excellent one from our contributor and Facebook admin Ross McAtasney – where we’ve questioned the motives of those who think this stuff should be in the public domain.

Lennon himself is now investigating the matter.

This is more like it. Rodgers knew this stuff was going on, but somehow appeared content to allow it.

One throwaway remark about a drone aside, he didn’t seem particularly bothered about the way in which our starting eleven was public knowledge every week.

Neil is much more animated on this subject, and I am pleased that he is. Ross talked in his piece about how the pre-match build up has been spoiled of late by this leaker, but he also made the point that there’s a much more serious side to it.

Tactical surprises are a measure of a good manager, and being able to spring them on a rival boss before kick-off is an important weapon in the managerial arsenal. Our weapon has been completely blunted of late, and that’s unacceptable and it is little wonder that Lennon isn’t happy about it.

His decision to investigate it is very welcome.

I can only hope that the leak is found and plugged.

Or sacked.

Whichever the club feels is justified.

The person responsible should find no sympathy amongst our support.

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