Benitez To Celtic Could Be The Catalyst For The Funniest “Banter Year” Yet.

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Football is a funny old game; that’s a quote from the late Jimmy Greaves.

And Isaac Newton’s third law states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Of course it is only after the fact, in some cases anyway, that you realise what the humour was and what the reaction was. And sometimes it is the reaction that causes the humour.

The manager is causing Scottish football to become very funny indeed.

So many want Neil Lennon, and it’s not just some of our own fans. Our enemies too are clamouring for his appointment. This is all about the traditional Scottish football boundaries. This is all so they can “keep where we belong, at the back of the bus”.

These people cannot even contemplate getting any sort of big name.

In my opinion, it’s down to 3; Neil Lennon, David Moyes and Rafa Benitez. I think the decision has been made and will be announced within 48 hours of the Cup final ending.

I want Rafa, I’ll be honest.

I have heard the rumours that it is him.

Yesterday, or so it’s reported, he refused talks with Marseille and Roma to concentrate on talks with Big Mike and Newcastle. Does that make sense? Wouldn’t you use that as leverage? Would you dismiss talks with such clubs out of hand? I can’t see that happening.

Let’s assume Rafa is the man. What happens after that in Scottish football?

First of all, an implosion of disbelief outside our club, despite the fact we got Brendan Rogers. It would almost kill every hack and Ibrox fan, along with every other fan outside us, that we could pull a name with that stature in the game. It would be worth doing for that alone.

Along with the Rafa to rumours, others have inevitably opened up.

One that made me smile was hearing that when that deal is done Big Mike will make a play for Steven Gerrard. Let that, and its implications, sink in.

Madness isn’t it? Would it be hilarious or what?

A funny old game indeed.

I dismissed that one immediately, initially anyway … but then it marinated, it bubbled away and a couple of things did link together.

First of all, the gushing praise that has been heaped on the Ibrox manager, deserved or not, means he has caught the eye of people who have a relationship with the EPL. Gerrard made it clear he came up here to learn, as he felt he was worth an EPL job and this would boost his chances.

So why wouldn’t that be of interest to him?

Secondly, he would likely be financially easy to deal with; he ain’t skint, he wants the kudos more than cash and he has proved he can work within a meagre budget, in EPL terms.

Thirdly – and this is the big variable, Mike Ashley.

Big Mike hates anyone even challenging him.

That’s part of the reason he doesn’t lose.

Despite all the false press about how the merchandising deal was a success at Ibrox and for King, it’s nonsense, Big Mike holds all the aces still.

After all the negative press he has had and fights from the Ibrox boardroom and the abuse from their fans, would you put it past him to go for Gerrard out of spite alone? I wouldn’t.

Putting those together then there is a sense in it.

I don’t care who is in charge at Ibrox next season, I am of the firm belief that we are better and stronger and will prove that. They have had their chance, for what is was.

But I will admit to thinking that it would be hysterically funny watching that happen while we had Rafa in charge at Celtic. What excuses and spin could they put on it to make it positive?

Their press lackeys would be on serious overtime.

Now this is conjecture of course, no one actually knows what is gonna happen. Only those inside Celtic, and the man himself, know who is getting the job.

But there are plenty of possibilities to keep the banter years going yet.

Funny thought though isn’t it?

Dave Campbell is a blogger from Glasgow. This is his favourite theory on the manager’s hunt thus far …

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