The SFA Has Concluded That It’s Perfectly Alright To Elbow Scott Brown In The Face.

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Jon Flanagan, notorious beater of women, and thug on the park has won his appeal against a retrospective red card for elbowing Scott Brown in the face.

The SFA has cleared him of a red card offence and said the yellow was the right decision.

The Ibrox club is delighted, of course, because this gives license to other players to maim as much as they like, and if it’s Scott Brown being maimed then all the better.

Part of their defence today was that it was not a completely unprovoked incident but a “coming together” of the two.

This is a ludicrous assertion, and even if there were some handbags between the two footballers – which there wasn’t – try that in if you’re being convicted for assault.

Even if there was a little needle, Brown didn’t raise his hands.

Flanagan swung the elbow at a guy who had not struck him or even threatened to.

That would get the jail in a public street, no matter what defence you mounted.

The SFA really has an unerring ability to disgrace itself and make those in charge look absolutely ridiculous.

The lack of consistency or in decision making up there is beyond rational understanding.

This is an incomprehensible decision which turns the whole national sport into a laughing stock yet again.

I have seen decisions made in the last few years which have left me stunned. This is the one to beat them all. I am gob-smacked by this, as if Flanagan’s flailing elbow had hit me in the face and knocked my brain against my skull. It is incredible.

Shame on the committee members who have today – and not for the first time – licensed barbarism in our league.

When they reprieved Morelos for similar early in the season they fed into a sense of entitlement which led to a rash of repeat offences.

I really don’t know what they expect after this one.

They might as well throw out the rulebook in its entirely and bring the rules of in instead, because we’re headed there.

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