The SFA’s “Brutality” Standard Is Like A Sick Joke. Celtic Should Be Fuming Over It.

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What in God’s name is the SFA’s “brutality standard”?

What in God’s name does that even mean? How do you measure brutality? Lost teeth? Broken bones? How many teeth does a player have to lose before an incident constitutes brutality? Does the offending player really have to use a weapon on the park before the compliance officer has a case?

When did we make Leatherface the head of the SFA disciplinary committee?

I am being flippant, but I am not joking

So Flanagan’s elbow on Brown doesn’t meet the “brutality standard” eah?

Thank God the court which convicted him for his vicious assault on his girlfriend didn’t decide the level of force he used couldn’t meet the criminal standard, and send him on his way, with no case to answer. If you did, in the street, what he did on the park it would be assault.

If an on-field incident is serious enough to merit a charge in the real world, then it is a red card every day of the week. This defence for inaction is absolutely unbelievable. It is a deplorable explanation, and it makes a mockery of our sport.

This is amongst the worst nonsense from our “governing body” yet; a loose term when it comes to them. have they subjected our game to ridicule. The SFA has proved that it’s in a place now where it is absolutely immune to embarrassment.

I only wish to God the rest of us were.

I cannot believe that anyone at Hampden ever thought this would fly, and I can only conclude that maintain this and stupefying lack of self-awareness because the clubs continue to tip-toe around this utter incompetence and unprofessionalism.

Celtic are the club that has to lead the way on this; I get sick and tired of writing that, but I find myself doing it over and over again. This campaign was open-season on our captain, and the SFA has given that campaign legitimacy for the next one.

have, as I said in a previous piece, licensed barbarism and who do you reckon the targets of it will be?

Next season, we will get rough-housed from one end of the pitch to the other.

Our players will be subjected to thuggish treatment of the worst kind and anyone who doubts that isn’t paying attention. The club has a responsibility to our players and to the manager and to the quest for to get itself in front of this.

The SFA’s explanation is nonsense, and it asks more questions than it answers.

We have the most backward association in Europe; think the clubs are run by mugs, and if the clubs – and especially ours – accepts this garbage then they are right to think so.

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