Now That 3Treble Is Secured, Let’s Look Back On A Season Of Excellent Celtic Podcasts

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With the first weekend after the high of the trinity of trebles, I felt it would be good to take some time to reflect back on the season, but not with the football on the pitch but rather, on the podcast front, and more specifically on the Celtic podcast front.

As James says, this site has a history of promoting the work of other sites, and that’s what I want to do here.

This is my list of the top podcast recommendations, ones that have easily become my must listen’s every week. I have not put these in order of what’s best for the simple reason that they all offer something a bit different and wouldn’t be fair to even attempt to say who’s best

20 Minute Tims


This podcast is literally like going round to your mates on the Momday after the weekend, having a bit of a laugh and shooting the shit about the game from the weekend.

Hosted by Jamie, and backed up by Melly and Stephen, there has never been a power team like it in Hoops since Larsson, Sutton and Hartson.

It is a great way to start the week, as the podcast usually drops on Tuesday morning

The 20 Minute Tims team has some new additions for their patreon with Sean Mcdonald of Blethered podcast fame which I would highly recommend too, and the History Bhoys Abroad who are included later in the article

Links to how to add to your own podcast app can be found here

Also check out their patreon for extra content

90 Minute Cynic


For me this team are the guys where you go out fot a mid week sesh in the town, big team of Chris, Chris and Christian as to not to confuse anyone they made sure one was from Norway. They have much more on the pod with great insight, but Chris Boud is the one who is sort of like Rab Mglinchy from chewing the fat, but more translating for the non experts, which is great for a simpleton like me

Feel free to check out the cynics here

Also feel free to check out their patreon here

The HomeBhoys


Now this is the place for the craic!

This is like going over to the homeland, going to visit your Irish mates and having a couple beers in a proper Irish bar, hosted by big Joe McKenna and his backroom team of Harper, Scott and Marty, who tell it like it is, keep it flowing and have a good laugh while they are at it.

This is one of those which I would highly recommend listening to right to the end for their good and bad and recommendations part; there are always some top tv shows or movies they recommend

You can catch up witn the Homebhoys here

History Bhoys Abroad


Now this one was actually recommended through the 20 minute Tims podcast and I have to admit, this caught me right off guard.

It’s not a weekly match review of the weekend, but rather this is like an audio museum being built for Celtic; there are some real cracking episodes here including ones on Jock Stein’s management term, Danny McGrain and Tommy Burns.

The deadly duo of Graeme and Tony delve deep into the history, bringing out some real gems of knowledge and some incredible stories from periods at paradise.

For me, this is one I would highly recommend to go through episode by episode, and soak in the history.

A total joy that I am still working my way through

The History Bhoys Abroad have also joined the 20 Minute Tims patreon service which was linked earlier, but you can still find their earlier episodes here

The Celtic Underground


I couldn’t do an article on Celtic podcasts without mentioning the longest running Celtic podcast there is, and still one of the finest, the one run by Harry Brady which came from the website which he and the team have been running for years. It is filled with interviews and plenty of rumours and general Celtic chat. An excellent choice and one that has not lost any of its quality over the years.

Feel free to add to your pod player from links on this site

A Celtic State Of Mind


The brainchild of Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham, this is a relatively new addtion to the podcast community, and it offers a great mix of Celtic chat, music, interviews and pretty much all things Celtic.

If you have a Celtic state of mind (and we all do) then this is definitely for you.

Find links to add to your pod app here

A Grand Auld Podcast


Hosted by Hamish Carton, and with a double team of John and Paul to discuss the games and biggest Celtic news stories, this is another excellent Celtic podcast which has been going a wee while but has never flagged in terms of quality. Set up 3 years ago and still going strong, the Grand Auld Podcast is a definite must for every fan.

Check them out here

Hail Hail Media


This is your one stop pod for for many celtic podcasts; this has over 2 million downalods with their site and various shows like Smell the Glove, The Celtic Graves, We Shall Not Be Moved & Oz Celts giving a flavour of all different Celtic views from across the world. This is a great first podcast for new listeners who are looking for a good starting point, and a window into the whole Celtic podcast scene. They are excellent.

Check them out here

Ross McAtasney is a Celtic blogger and admin on the CelticBlog Facebook group.

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