As everyone knows, last night we suffered a major setback when our transfer plans for the summer were put online via a leaked internal document.

This article is going to look at that document and try to figure out what we can from it, and what it might mean to us going forward.

There’s a lot of info in there, and maybe even more than it at first seems.

The leak is being investigated by the club.

They want to make it a criminal matter, and that should have our support.

This is not a team-sheet. This is high level strategic information and as such it ought never to have seen the light of day.

There is no “need to know” defence here for whoever put this in the public domain. Had they waited until the transfer window was closed then perhaps an argument could be made for that, but the publication, now, only damages us.

So let’s start at the beginning; let’s start with who had a copy, by looking at who was at the meeting.