After Another Week Of Tierney Nonsense, It’s Time Celtic Took The Media To Task Over It.

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From the moment this transfer window opened, there has been one subject and one subject only in the minds of the hacks; the day and hour on which would do the “inevitable” and leave Celtic Park for Arsenal.

Reading their articles, this was not something that could happen but something that would.

It was not matter of if but when.

And with a little over a week left until the English window shuts, is not at Arsenal yet.

Celtic have stood firm, which none of the press expected and which Arsenal certainly didn’t believe would happen.

A third bid is rumoured to be “being prepared”, but how long does it take to fax over a contract giving us our £25 million?

The English club has tried to bully us over this, and when that didn’t work they resorted to that other old discredited standby of unsettling the player himself. And that has worked, but only to an extent and not to the one they wanted. Kieran hasn’t demanded a move.

He has not rocked the boat. He may fancy the move, but he will not push for it.

Their club’s conduct has been a disgrace.

Far more disgraceful is the behaviour of our media, who know exactly what Arsenal are doing and have published every strategic leak out of the Emirates regardless. They have even pushed the fiction that the third bid has already been made; it has not.

Celtic has been clear that they’ve received two offers and turned down both.

Sky even included Tierney in Arsenal’s “strongest team” for the coming campaign; this is deplorable stuff.

Celtic ought to be hollering, but we’re too professional for that.

We’ve set out the terms which are acceptable and will say no more.

But sometimes I really wish we would.

Today the rumour mill says the difference is a mere £2 million … but every report seems to be hinting that we are the club who are holding this up, as if asking for such a paltry sum from a club which has already spent £100 million in this window (so much for a total budget of just over £40 million, right?) is somehow a shameful act.

Our press is now openly working on Arsenal’s behalf.

We might not be able to do something about the conduct of the English club – they look small-time compared to how we’ve dealt with this – but we should be taking the press to task for it, all the way. Lennon is frustrated over this, as he’s made clear. We all are, speaking as fans anyway.

I really do wish there was some sign that the club itself shared our anger.

When do we get off the fence here?

The press is deliberately trying to unsettle one of our players, they are working with Arsenal to get him on the cheap.

I really don’t understand our reticence to say so.

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