Last night, Lenny led us to a very credible, very good, 3-1 victory away from home in Europe, and whilst the tie appears to be done you can never be too careful.

We’ll have to be on our toes at Celtic Park, but if we’re being entirely honest most of us expect us to go through.

In light of that, I thought it would be interesting to look back over the records of previous managers and how they got on in their first European ties.

The results were a mixed bag.

There was some in there that I had forgotten … and others I wish that I could.

That, last night, actually ranks as a good performance. It was a big ask for Lennon and this team, still not fully up to speed yet, to get a result as good as that.

Not every manager of Celtic has been able to come in and make such an instant, and positive, impact.

So how does he measure up?

Take a look and see …