Yesterday, I read Joe McHugh’s VideoCelts piece on how Andrew Dickson, of Sky Sports and Ibrox fame, reacted, on Twitter, to the sight of a Celtic strip at Wimbledon.

The Celtic shirt stands out because it is one of the most iconic strips on the planet; from a distance a red shirt can be anything from a Wales shirt to an Aberdeen top.

A blue shirt can represent Cardiff just as easily as the NewCo.

But a Celtic shirt? There are only a handful of clubs in world football who wear the green and white Hoops and of that handful the number of clubs whose shirts are so widely distributed as Celtic’s are is just about zero.

Spot the Hoops in a crowd and nine times out of ten you are looking at the most famous football strip of them all, ours.

Dickson’s childish spitting out of the dummy was not hilariously awful, and the responses he got on Twitter were more than deserved.

Dickson’s rant is especially delicious because we’ve seen this kind of thing before. These meltdowns are all too common amongst the folks across town these days; it seems that sights and sounds and certain things drive them to the most furious anger.

Because his reaction is far from unusual.

There are things about our club which do drive Peepul insane.

The more successful we’ve become, the more it bothers them.

This a wee list of some of those things; this is Fear and Loathing writ large.