Interesting Rumours, Some Potential Deals And Much More To Look Forward To From Celtic.

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Today, there are more rumours than you can shake a stick at, both players going out and players coming in.

I was very cynical – many of us were – before this window opened, but the club does appear to be going about its business in a thoroughly professional manner and with a great deal of skill. I’m going to talk about why I’m optimistic in a moment.

But first let me share with you some details of how totally consumed I get by transfer business.

I told you the other day that I sit tuned in to Newsnow a lot of the time and check it every ten minutes when the transfer window is open. I go to bed only after checking all the early editions of the papers. You’d think I’d sleep well after all that, right? Wrong.

Last night I dreamed I was in transfer negotiations with a footballer. I don’t think I was negotiating on behalf of Celtic – the whole thing had a “club across town” feel to it – but I now know I am definitely cut out for the business.

First, the guy arrived at the meeting in total secrecy, no press on alert or anything.

That was kind of assured as we had him rolled up in a carpet.

I think it more than possible that we grabbed him against his will too; that part of the dream remains unclear.

I do know that when we put the contract in front of him he wasn’t for signing it immediately even with two rather strong men behind him holding him down in the seat. The room was stuffy; I ordered the heating turned up. Then said we would give him some water, if he signed the first page. You know what clinched the deal? (Apart from the ever hanging threat of broken bones?) We promised him a good salary and “access to premium fish fingers.”

I feel a club somewhere is missing out on my talents …

Anyway, Celtic are clearly conducting negotiations in a much better fashion, and getting things swiftly done.

There are a plenty of stories today about transfer targets, so let me just right onto that.

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