Mikael Lustig Reportedly Told Celtic Not To Go Near Ibrox’s New Big Money Signing.

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Want a laugh?

Here’s a good rumour, one I’m delighted to share.

According to a former footballer Gerry Collins, Celtic were looking at the Ibrox new boy Filip Helander and passed after asking Mikael Lustig what he thought of him.

Not surprisingly, given the player’s record of injuries and a reputation for making mistakes, the big man told us not to bother.

And this is amusing to me, as we went out and bought Christopher Jullien instead, and paid £7 million to do it.

Who’s made a mistake here?

Lustig doesn’t think it’s us, although to read the papers you might be forgiven for thinking Scottish football’s latest superstar had arrived from Bologna.

I will honestly admit to you that I laughed this morning when I saw the press.

I’m referring, of course, to the ludicrous comparison between him and the magnificent Champions League winner Virgil Van Dijk.

That is the kind of nonsense which actually stuns you for a moment, like a blow to the head. It makes you reel a wee bit with the utter stupidity of it.

It is good to get some perspective, and it is particularly amusing to me that it comes in this form, not that I think the Ibrox fans will pay a blind bit of notice to it.

They clung to the belief that their former club was healthy, even after Whyte put them into admin.

The question is, do I believe this rumour?

I have to say, on balance, having thought about it, I actually do.

It makes sense that Celtic would have looked at this guy, because we know that the Scandinavian marketplace is prime real estate, and that its national ranks are filled with good footballers. Although he was playing in Italy, there’s no way we didn’t know who he was.

Mikael Lustig has played alongside this guy in the Swedish side.

He will have a clear-cut idea of what the player is like, and if he was asked – which of course he was – I have no doubt he’d have weighed everything up.

And he said no.

And we went out and spent twice as much on somebody else.

Will the media widely report this?

Of course not, they’d rather drag old fossilised ex-Ibrox players out to tell them everything will be alright.

These are the kind of rumours I just love to highlight on here.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger who just loves to laugh at the Ibrox operations.

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