Transfer windows have occasional days like today. Days of setbacks.

Days when your club lags and flags a little.

Actually, they follow a very simple rule of thumb; you have to be trying to do a lot of to suffer a day like this one.

It’s a credit to us in some ways, a kind of backhanded compliment to the lack of messing about.

Think of the club at the moment as an army engaged in a multi-front war.

We move forward in some areas and pull back in .

The line advances whilst another retreats.

Think of today as a day when some of the more obvious lines moved backwards some.

Yet along fronts, we steadily push inward.

The setbacks we’ve suffered only part of the story.

The one thing that’s come out of this window is that Celtic marches on.

In that spirit then, let us now march on with them, to the daily gossip thus far.

Doubtless there’ll be more, and I’ll cover that as and when it breaks.