The Daily Express Hits Rock Bottom With A Truly Pathetic Anti-Lennon Story.

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You have to hand it to the Scottish media for an unerring ability to prove itself simply the worst press in the world.

are fantastic at finding new ways to hit the low note.

An article in The Express today is the Scottish media at its absolute nadir.

It trolls the gutter and pay-dirt. It reaches for the lowest rung of the ladder and grabs it and holds on tight.

Entitled “Celtic Fans Call For Lennon To Be Sacked After Conceding Against Minnows Sarajevo” it is quite possibly the piece that finally clues us in to what true bottom looks like. That is a big to make but this piece of excreta justifies it and then some.

Cobbled together by a “writer” – and I use that term so loosely as to include people who can string together a sentence and get it down on paper, otherwise it wouldn’t apply to this guy – named Matt Atherton, it is a collection of five tweets from the deepest part of the internet numpty pool, which somehow are supposed to reflect fan opinion.

You know what’s especially funny to me?

Check the bit below the headline; this muppet needed two drafts just to get the story right!

Even the dumbest blogger could have produced that in under a minute, and would have been perfectly happy with the first effort, if that’s a phrase that can be used to describe something that certainly wouldn’t pass muster on this or any other Celtic site.

Besides, it’s Twitter.

If I wanted to look – if I cared – I could find people on there who believe the Earth is flat because a cosmic steamroller ran over it a billion years ago.

The guy’s sole accomplishment here was to find the stupidest people he could on the subject matter at hand.

Bravo. Twitter is full of these yahoos. It is not a real journalistic endeavour to pluck a handful of them at random.

It is below the level of the cheapest fanzine to slap a few of them together and to pretend it is a story. Lazy journalism is one thing.

A high-school paper would not have printed this abject piece of work.

had no trouble with it. It is, after all, the alleged “newspaper” that has a column by Richard and Judy and another by Ann Widecombe. It is the only paper in the country, save perhaps the Daily Star, who’s readers make the Daily Mail’s feel intellectually superior.

Neil Lennon might not have been everyone’s choice as manager, but he has the unqualified support of 99.9999999% of the Celtic Family.

This article is a pitiful, flagrant, blatant attempt to stir trouble where there is none, and all its done is remind us, as if we needed it, that the Scottish media has no standards whatsoever, none to speak of, and no credibility at all.

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