The Desperate Daily Record Finds A Brand New Anti Celtic Angle To Hit.

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If you thought The Daily Express article I highlighted yesterday – on a couple of tweets about Neil Lennon – was a shocker, wait until you get a load of what The Daily Record has vomited forth onto the internet today. A story about how Roger Federer “snubbed” a Celtic fan.

Yes indeed, they have posted a video of Federer not signing a Celtic strip. And this is worthy of a complete news story and headline.

This is our media ladies and gentlemen, quite possibly the worst in the Western world.

The word pathetic doesn’t do justice to how honking they are.

Filed under the “Daily Record Online” by-line – when a story is so honking no-one puts their name on it – this is further proof that anything they can put an anti-Celtic slant on is newsworthy. And it comes a day after a Sky Sports staffer (who also happens to work at Ibrox) had a meltdown because he saw a Celtic strip at the same venue.

(Was it the same guy? I’m sure said Sky staffer will take great pleasure in tweeting the story; they all share a common thread. Small minds, and an obsession with small stuff.)

Believe me, I’ll be covering that story in a later piece today.

Honestly, at a time when we’ve never needed good journalism more, this is the kind of thing that chooses to do. This is what they spend their time and effort on. You would think the game was not facing any real issues, or that there were any real stories in it.

Here’s one they could be asking themselves, for example, but won’t; how can a West of Scotland club which has posted debts every year of its existence and which shows no sign of breaking even be on the brink of spending £3.5 million on a player?

Notice that nobody wants to dig into that too much.

Silence is golden where it really matters.

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