The Media Is Clutching At Anti-Celtic Straws Again As They Try To Make A French Connection.

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Pitiful stuff from The Daily Record hotline again today, but I’ve seen this reflected elsewhere; a view that because Celtic drew with Rennes and the Ibrox NewCo comfortably beat Marseille that there are signs about how the season ahead will go.

Pre-season is impossible to take seriously, and I know for sure that nobody in France is giving a damn either way.

Villa Boas has just taken over at Marseille and they lost their first game to Accrington Stanley; their fans don’t think they will win the FA Cup.

I always wonder what people expect to learn about pre-season friendlies.

I am encouraged by the performances of certain players, and you could tell watching him enjoy himself that Mikey Johnson was raring to go, and he’s proved it in the first competitive match, but other than that they are a time for experimenting and getting people fit.

The media is ever looking for some positive sign that the Ibrox club is on the right path; today there’s a story about some list called the Global Club Soccer Index where the NewCo finished higher than Celtic. I had neither heard of that list nor care about it now that I have.

That the media suddenly does is a demonstration of how ridiculous they are.

The idea that two separate friendly games, being played in two entirely different circumstances, is going to suddenly reveal the course of the campaign is barking.

The Scotsman just highlighted the French media’s belief that Rennes “dominated” the game at the weekend.

It is worse than click-bait; it is a cut and paste from Le Equipe, passed off as an original piece.

They are entitled to believe what they want.

Some take pre-season more seriously than others.

As Phil said, we never win the PR war.

We have to be content with winning the real one instead.

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