Date: 31st July 2019 at 3:29pm
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Have you heard latest ludicrous from Sky Sports ?

This is the story that Alfredo Morelos has turned down a £30 million three year deal from a club in China, a club which already has four foreign players on its books.

Sky’s story admits that no bid was made for the player – but the club in question was “ready to meet” the Ibrox club’s valuation “in excess of £15 million”.

For a player who finished a mere ahead of Sam Cosgrove as top scorer in the SPL during the last campaign.

This is barking mad stuff, the sort of article that makes you question the sanity of everyone involved.

With no official bid to the Ibrox club – they’d have bitten for less than a third of that alleged £15 million fee – there can have been no contract offer … and it would have been a little insane for a Chinese club to make one when they already have their foreigners quota.

So where has this nonsense come from?

From Ibrox of course, where Operation: Sell Mad Dog is now in full swing.

Yet that’s not even half of it … there’s a good reason why this story – this unbelievable, clear-cut nonsense – is being pushed into the public domain today.

The reason this story has come out is because the operation over there is scrambling desperately to stop a real news story from dominating the airwaves, the one about the club’s staggering court defeat at the hands of Ashley … and what it means.

They have lied to their fans for over two years about this issue. No wonder they want the story buried.

Of course, I’ll be covering that one in all its gory glory tomorrow … but for now marvel at the way in which Sky Sports Scotland – swiftly followed by every other major outlet – have allowed themselves to be cast in the role of useful idiots so that the Ibrox club can try to keep actual news from their own fans and the wider Scottish public.

The media here is a .

The way they constantly allow themselves and their readers to be duped like this is staggering.