The Striking Options That Neil Lennon And Celtic Cannot Afford Not To Be Looking At.

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Everyone knows that Celtic is looking for a fourth striker, and whilst a lot of other positions have taken precedence in our early planning that’s simply a reflection of the of our situation; we needed those guys in place first.

Indeed, until we bring in a right back the still aren’t as progressed as we’d want them to be.

The club is still a way away from a place where we can say we are stronger overall. Yet the signs are promising and the progress has been much quicker, and better, than many of us initially foresaw. The club is willing to go the extra mile this time.

So whilst we might not be pushing forward on the striker front just yet, Lennon will have it at the forefront of his thoughts, as he should. When he spoke shortly after getting the job he identified it as the key priority going forward; in fact, he said it would be the area where he saw himself spending the most money.

If he’s sticking to that then in spite of the Jullien signing and the fee, we’ve not seen our biggest single chunk of spending yet.

But there are options out there for whom we’d not have to break the bank. I enjoy researching these kind of articles, and this one was an eye opener. There is a lot of quality out there, and some of these guys are going to be absolute stars of the future.

England, Spain, Holland, Italy, France and Germany – where the scouting is just about fool proof – require to go in hard and fast in order to snap up the emerging talent. We did well getting and Odsonne Edouard.

France, in particular, has proved to be a happy hunting ground … we will certainly return to it time and time again.

But for the most part, the established in these are just too expensive.

That’s why many of these will be guys you’ve not heard of yet … but who Celtic’s scouting department will almost certainly know about. These are all realistic options – no flights of fancy here, folks – and thus the kind of we could afford and who would come.

These are the striking options Celtic cannot afford to miss.

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